Peanutbutter 03 May 2024 13:11 72
Oyuncu - Peanutbutter Tribute
3 week(s) ago

Man, this server used to be the best. Now its just falling apart. Now this server has so many bugs and its dying. In survival we have claim glitches, raids, and hella lag. In life steal we got shit not loading. In bed wars trading with villagers doesn't work. Come on arch lock in.

Oyuncu - roBOTing Tribute
3 week(s) ago

I agree

Oyuncu - Alfred_1983 Tribute
2 week(s) ago

When I claim a land around my base, it work perfectly… Until I log off…

When I log back in, I don't see the welcome message anymore when I enter inside my land and “/lands view” returns “Your current position is wilderness.” even if I'm standing right in front of the claim stone… The claim is still there because I can see it with “/lands map”

I can “/lands delete my_land” but the land stone remains there with the stats over it.

I made a ticket, they removed all the stats messages that were floating around my base but they didn't fix the bug.

When I click on my claim stone, it's empty, there's nothing in there.

Not to mention the lag and all the disconnections… It sucks because I like the old style server.

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