The First Survival Thread - rekrap4
rekrap4 02 April 2024 13:42 88
Oyuncu - rekrap4 Tribute
2 month(s) ago

Hello everyone! This is the first survival thread ever made on the new and improved ArchMC website. I'm just making this thread so that people can ask questions. I also have a question, which I think would be useful for all of us. What is a way of getting rich, quick. Another question, how do prices work in the shop

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Oyuncu - E_Sandy Tribute
2 week(s) ago

Find something on /ah that can also be bought in /shop that is also grossly overpriced on /ah.

Buy lots from /shop, sell for “cheap”.

Also, it will be better if this item is something in high demand. My solution: SHULKER BOXES!

They can be bought for 10 dollahs in the shop, but before I came along, they were selling for like 4k each! I started selling for 100, and each shulker paid for 9 more! I got like 9k from that.

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