/Shop Problems With Ore Blocks
Acoustickid69420 13 May 2024 13:58 14
2 week(s) ago

Pretty short and sweet but I just cant buy any ore blocks on /shop like no em blocks or neth blocks, but at least I still have coal blocks (only one that shows up). I have tried clicking on the spots where the blocks should be but it doesn't do anything. 

I just don't want to buy a bunch of individual ores because it will be mega expensive as I need like 10~ shulks of em blocks which would end the em supply and hurt my wallet. 

I also don't have 200+ villagers (only 2 full trading halls as of now) so I cant just buy random stuff to sell to villagers 

EDIT: stuff to sell to villagers is wild pricey unless you got fletchers or the loom guys (I don't remember the names lol)

Oyuncu - EaglYee549 Mythic Legendary Epic
2 week(s) ago

If I know they quit the ore blocks because the people was duping 

(IDK if it is true I just think because Preva1l took the survival down cause people was duping)

2 week(s) ago

mk well why wouldn't he just take out all the ores or just ban the dupers??..

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