Claim glitch on survival is BACK
sus 28 May 2024 17:12 34
Oyuncu - sus
3 week(s) ago

Warning Claim glitch is back. My public xp farm got raided TODAY. Also i tested a alt acount on my land that is not trusted and IT IS ABLE TO BREAK BLOCKS. Dont let anyone tpa to your base you will get raided FR

Oyuncu - VoxelBreaker_ Tribute
3 week(s) ago

Thanks for the warning sus, its happening to me too

Oyuncu - Himself Majestic
3 week(s) ago

Yeah I noticed that i tped to your public base /l spawn sussxp this morning because I thought it was safe and pvp god whatever his user is killed me. (bro i lost a gset,gaxe and gpick)

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