Acoustickid69420 31 May 2024 11:30 34
3 week(s) ago

After a long month and a half, I can assure the mods/devs that the server swap was one of the best ideas players have had that you have listened to. the tps is almost always above 15, my ping is never above 100, and all 150 players can be online and it have little to no effect on server. Thank you. (glazing??)

P.S claim glitch is fixed! I get sent ‘packet processing error’ and get booted when I try to open chests in claimed areas outside of my own so that is good

Oyuncu - VoxelBreaker_ Tribute
3 week(s) ago

Yes, thank you mods/devs! The server is performing much better, and claim glitch seems to be better again! Although the ‘packet processing error’ that Acoustickid69420 mentioned seems to only occur with improperly rendered chests, which I think are a byproduct of the 1.8.8 client on the 1.16.5 server (chests cannot be placed next to each other before 1.13), so it is probably a glitch. Thank you again for making the server a much more enjoyable experience!

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