Connection lost. LIFESTYLE
ImLoveUSA 03 June 2024 09:51 77
Oyuncu - ImLoveUSA Tribute
2 week(s) ago

Faced with a problem, when logging on to the LifeStyle server, it automatically crashes with the message "Connection lost" Who has encountered this problem, help get rid of it

Oyuncu - TheImfamousGamer Majestic
2 week(s) ago

probably bc internet bad
do u mean lifesteal?

Oyuncu - Himself Majestic
2 week(s) ago

Maybe dont play lifesteal and play survival instead

Oyuncu - GrimReaper Tribute
2 week(s) ago


Oyuncu - ife
2 week(s) ago

What you need to do is refresh the tab you are on or go on the browser version of eaglercraft if you are using that if you are using Java quit game then log back in. It should work because it worked for me if it doesn’t work then I don’t know.

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