tickets are not answered???
6423 07 June 2024 18:07 30
Oyuncu - 6423 Tribute
2 week(s) ago

I have put out 4 tickets that have been there for nearly a month and no one has relpied or even seen them. I know this because I have asked everymod who has come online while I was online and they said they haven't. the last mod I asked was zarif 3 days ago and he said he hasn't. the first mod I asked was capn 3 weeks ago and he said he hadn't, by then the tickets had existed for about 2 days. I have not had my tickets read at all and have been banned twice though my reports of others have not been heard. I am begging for a moderator to even read my ticket, let alone give it thought.I feel like this guy rn: 

Oyuncu - theycallmeaspen Moderator
1 week(s) ago

Hello! There are some tickets containing issues that moderators are unable to fix. Additionally, we don't check tickets daily, so a 2-day window should not be shocking. Keep in mind we have less direct access to this ticket system than we did when it was on discord. We rarely use the forum for anything else, and as such it is easy to go without checking tickets daily.

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