Netherite Beacon
godww 08 June 2024 12:06 19
Oyuncu - godww Tribute
1 week(s) ago

As you probably know, I  am making a full netherite beacon. This beacon costs over 1.1 million dollars  (in-game) and is a scarce thing to see. I want people to donate since I have been having a very hard time grinding for this myself. I wanted to say that the 3 top donors will have their names on the beacon and are as follows (so far): 1. Moo_Moo_DreamCow: 500k   2. Roddy479: 80k           3. Capncookn: 5k

So, if you see me, please, donate, even a little will be appreciated

-Signing off,

godww (godw)

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