The Kool Kids Klan (The kkk)
Breadkat2023 04 April 2024 20:39 126
Oyuncu - Breadkat2023 Majestic
2 month(s) ago

Hello there fellow players,

I Breadkat2023 would liek to announce a New clan (or should I say Klan) I Breadkat2023 is making a kingdom of clans taking minecraft to its actual gameplay by making a Medieval clan and is and will try to turn Lifesteal to medieval state, As for application it will be out on April 4th 2024!

And right now I want to see how many of people would liek to join so I request users/players that would like to join please reply and state that you would like to join the clan.

This also includes players that play survival BUT we are mainly focused on lifesteal because survival is kinda boring if you wanna say … (no offence)

So thank You and GIVE EM HELL!


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