graceytingg 01 July 2024 01:22 63
Oyuncu - graceytingg Majestic Mythic
2 week(s) ago

It seemed that the chat thinks I was saying some forbidden words related to the N word or something. Then I tried texting it again (I swear I wasn't swearing/saying anything inappropriate) and it said to stop spamming or something? or muted for 12 hours but when that message pop up I already sent another message which probably resulted in me being muted. I wasn't aware that I was muted until I tried texting in chat of course then it didn't work.

I figured to log off and log in 12 hours later to check to realise that I was still muted, even until now. Hence I wasn't sure how long was I actually muted for, or there was an error or something.

If I am still muted I would like to know:

  1. How long more will I be muted for?
  2. Is the mute time calculated as in-game hours? (as in I must login to pass the mute time or something)
2 week(s) ago

r u unmuted now?

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