Answer this question for majestic rank (99.9 + 0.1 % impossible)
GrimReaper 01 July 2024 02:19 187
Oyuncu - GrimReaper Tribute
2 week(s) ago

Whoever answers this question first gets majestic rank
if you have 10 cookies and you give me 10 cookies, whats π^2

terms and conditions apply:
answer must be told in discord dms (TotalyNotP2W)
answer must be fully digits no symbols and letters besides a decimal point
answer must not be rounded and fully stated

no approximately answers or whatever

answer must be in exact form so no 3.14 or anything like that

Replying to this post with anything that can be annoying or revealing about the question can get you disqualified.
um if u somehow do it ig u can give it to someone else

conditions are subject to change whenever I feel like it

2 week(s) ago


Oyuncu - godww Tribute
2 week(s) ago

Bro went big brain  *skull*

2 week(s) ago

bro literally doesn't even want to give out that rank lmfao

2 week(s) ago

impossible :D


Oyuncu - Naaananana Tribute
2 week(s) ago

9.86960440109 trustt :D

Oyuncu - RESENT_TNESER Majestic
2 week(s) ago


2 week(s) ago


Oyuncu - RedGuy789 Tribute
2 week(s) ago

You get gogogaga

Oyuncu - theycallmeaspen Moderator
1 week(s) ago

the answer is GRIM = ASPENBESTIE

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