Giving Away a epic rank
Yd3 09 April 2024 15:06 172
Oyuncu - Yd3
Majestic Epic
2 month(s) ago

Oyuncu - Lazy_boy_1211 Tribute
1 month(s) ago

please give me epic


Oyuncu - talan1234 Tribute
1 month(s) ago

hi can I have an rank? if no I under stand ur the owner and u choice but if I get 1 tusmt bye have a grate rest of ur day!:D

Oyuncu - jacovluck Tribute
1 month(s) ago


Oyuncu - TheImfamousGamer Majestic
2 week(s) ago

epic pls
for a friend
i already have majestic

Oyuncu - HamSandwich1 Tribute
2 week(s) ago

“I wAnt EpIC”

Oyuncu - Theonlysky Tribute
2 week(s) ago

Can I please have an epic rank please please please : )

Oyuncu - Mr_King12 Tribute
2 week(s) ago

Hey I am a new member and I can see it has great potential, I’d love to have epic rank and that would make it all the better for me.

Oyuncu - E_Sandy Tribute
2 week(s) ago

How about me?

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