Bye guys!
VXI 08 July 2024 22:58 80
Oyuncu - VXI
1 week(s) ago

I have an alt with 5mil on it. I placed a chest randomly on the map buying dirt for 5mil so go find it! Ur clues r 907, corner. Base, money farm! Kinda hard but for 5 mil u boutta do anything. This is prob my last ever contribution to the Arch community cause my ass have a real life so buy u 16 year old brain rotted kids with no life so they scam 10 year olds out of fictional game money. Shoutout to Abdullabackup, Himself, and some of the Majestics (u know who u r). See u another time guys, it was fun. (btw I also had a secret VILL hall that I deleted from my homes before giving away my pass so u can find that on the edge of the border some where. U will cleary see cause it got a cool ah entrance, I put perms on so u can trade.) Also put the most vauble shit i own in a chest next to the 5mil chest so go find that a well.

-VXI, That guy

Oyuncu - Doitsu Epic
1 week(s) ago

Bye :( I will miss building redstone 4 u.

Oyuncu - oklahomaaaa Majestic
1 week(s) ago

Bye VXI, come back to arch again some time.

Oyuncu - ReliableJaxon Legendary Epic
1 week(s) ago


Oyuncu - GolemDaWanderer Legendary
1 week(s) ago


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