What is this arch????
ReliableJaxon 09 July 2024 14:00 43
Oyuncu - ReliableJaxon Legendary Epic
1 week(s) ago

You've said you've fixed your lag but it hasn't been fixed. The lag DELAYS my clicks, and no it's not my keyboard. Like i'll try to jump over a 1 block gap and it'll do it 5 seconds later, now i'm scared to even do a 1 block jump. And you can't even bridge properly in bedwars. I was SLOWBRIDGING to someones base and right as my bed got destroyed, the blocks i was standing on disappeared. Bruh. I saw this happening live to other people, i saw stormya try to kill some guy but his head snapped the other way around and just stood there. He took kb too. And god forbid you use an elytra. This has the same vibes as when the Minecraft bedrock grim reaper decides “your time is now up” “ReliableJaxon fell from a high place”

Sorry for the rant

tell me stories if this happened to you in the comments vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv

Oyuncu - VXI
1 week(s) ago

Yeah arch is absoloute shit

Oyuncu - godww Tribute
5 day(s) ago

“Minecraft Bedrock grim reaper” is hilarious LOL

Oyuncu - hernia Tribute
3 day(s) ago

happened to me in bedwars I was bridging over to blues base and had some ems then my blocks disappeared and then I fell into the void. I also noticed huge ass lag spikes out of nowhere idk if its cause hardware or the server but its got me killed countless times before.

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