Never got my rank (disappointed)
Slaykepper 10 April 2024 13:40 103
Oyuncu - Slaykepper Tribute
2 month(s) ago

Guys come-on are u guys really scamming. I bought a rank on acc: Coolboo but I never got it u guys wanna explain and when I try to login to that acc bro it bliping says contact an administrator now all In game mods are not bliping helpful like wtf u doing siqture told me shut the blip up like u scamming ppl like crazy please gimme my rank or I will for sure sue u guys like wtf u doing and Aspen tells me ur username is coolbo in game while I told him I bought it on bliping Coolboo like why is no one helping me and Aspen tells me to stop pinging them like wdym 20$ is not that much for u ??? Get help bro now to the point if u can transfer the ranl from Coolboo to Coolbo I would appreciate ur total kindness.

Sincerely by Coolbo

Dont mind my username (slaykepper)

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