I got harassed just because I said one sentence.
SmeggyWurger 11 April 2024 20:36 112
Oyuncu - SmeggyWurger Tribute
2 month(s) ago

So this one time, I was playing KitPvP. Back then I liked fishing more than pvping so I would select fishing kit and fish by a water area. So one time, this guy who goes by “GyattForRizz” kept attacking me while I was fishing. He did it so much that I snapped. I turned around and gave him a good beating with my sword, and he ran away when he was on low health. In fact, he ran away every single time he was on low health. So I thought at the time “Wow, you're a coward, GyattForRizz…” And I typed in chat he was being cowardly. That's the first part. So then, he took my sentence to his advantage. I was playing on Survival a month or two later and GyattForRizz msg'd me this “Remember me? The coward?" Then he started bragging how he had 0 deaths in KitPvP. So then I said, “Well why didn't you keep fighting when you were on low health?” Then he spoke back with “Try talking back, monkey.” I found this very offensive, because I have dark skin IRL. He used /ignore and then we never spoke from that day. But then, just today when I was playing bedwars, GyattForRizz typed in all caps in chat “SMEGGYWURGER IS A COWARD.” I replied by saying “GyattForRizz you have no right to talk when you're racist.” I told everyone in chat how he called me a monkey, but then he lied to everyone else “He called me the n word and a ching chong.” I was furious, because at this point he was bullying me. Everyone believed him and thought I was lying. Pls Badmin, if you see this, do something. I just want to have fun while playing on ArchMc.

Oyuncu - BobTheWeeb26 Tribute
3 week(s) ago

dang bro thats sad

Oyuncu - EaglYee549 Mythic Legendary Epic
3 week(s) ago

Well bro that person in survival is a tp killer

Oyuncu - TheImfamousGamer Majestic
2 week(s) ago


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