Request for Chunk rollback prior to the claim glitch for land: ARCHXP
DARBO 12 April 2024 06:33 157
Oyuncu - DARBO Legendary
2 month(s) ago

Respected staff/dev,

I, player:DARBO,  is requesting for a chunk rollback prior to the claim glitch for the land: ARCHXP. I confirm that i haven't given any chests/container permissions not admind permissions to any player. My chests/containers have been stolen due the glitch due to which is lost spawners worth 750k, close to 2 stacks of egaps a gsets. I kindly request for a chunk rollback for my land: ARCHXP. I'm hoping for a action/response from your side regarding this issues.
Thank you
Player name: DARBO
Land name: ARCHXP

Oyuncu - KrunchMC Legendary
1 month(s) ago

open a ticket

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