Off Topic Guidelines
Badministrator 29 March 2024 18:48 111
2 month(s) ago

Welcome to the Off-Topic Subforums! The purpose of this is to help organize the forums more, rather than everything that doesn't pertain to a specific game type ending up in General Discussion, causing disorganisation and spam.

Feel free to post anything you like in here, but don't make dumb posts like "who here likes tacos" or anything like that which users could just spam. Those kind of posts are meant as messages between friends and what not. Also, please keep this area of the forums civilized, no rude/disrespectful behavior or anything of the sort.

Here are things we recommend you use Off-Topic for:

  • Surveys (Favorite things, ranks, servers, etc.)
  • Discussions of real life situations (Stories, looking into the future, etc.)
  • YouTube/Twitch (Videos, recording opportunities, etc.)
  • Discussion of games (not servers) outside of Minecraft.
  • Anything else that wouldn't quite fit into General Discussion or the discussion of game types.

Again, please do not abuse this section of the forums, thinking you can just post whatever you want here. It's to help organise the forums, not allow for free forum posts which pertain to nothing of importance to anybody.​

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