Accused of duping
That_one_Kid 15 April 2024 13:28 64
Oyuncu - That_one_Kid Tribute
1 month(s) ago

I got accused of duping 2024-04-014 because a player named flaredata56 had a duping operation that I was not involved with until I found his duped stash of Netherite blocks and sold it on shop. I was accused of duping because I went past baltop really quickly even though I made almost all of my balance by selling sets of armor on /ah and also selling enchanted books on /ah. I was talking to my teammate named boblol about Flaredata56's duped stash and then all I was permanently banned from theycallmeaspen even though she had no overall evidence or proof of me and boblol duping. Pls unban me and my teammate because we were falsly accused of duping. Thank You.

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