MY Base got raided from the claim glitch!!
bal 15 April 2024 16:53 97
Oyuncu - bal
1 month(s) ago

i lost my spawners all my loot my beautiful base design all my heads they just ransacked the place and tore it down its very sad because i worked on building that base all night and i went to sleep at 7 in the morning California time to a perfectly fine base and i wake up in a wasteland like damn not even one day i cant even enjoy the satisfaction of my own builds for not even a full day i would like to request a roll back please I'm sad thank you please get back to me soon either on here if you can but you can also find me on discord or in the game @bal PS PLEASE ROLLBACK PLEASEEEE

Oyuncu - KrunchMC Legendary
1 month(s) ago

open a ticket

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