Giveaway Guidelines
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Forum Giveaways
Giveaways are a good way to show your generosity and become better known in the community. However, there are rules and guidelines that need to be followed to avoid scamming, compromised accounts, advertising, etc. Failure to follow these rules may result in a warning point or having your post edited.

Fake Giveaways
If you create a giveaway post, be sure to keep up with it, and make sure you are actually able to keep your end of the deal. That means no abandoning your giveaway once you start it. This also continues to rig the system. If we find out that you did not actually reward the user, or claimed an alternate account as the winner, you will be punished accordingly.

Post/Like Boosting
Do not require users to post multiple times, repost on the forums, or ask on the server. This only creates spam. Following these guidelines makes giveaways enjoyable for all of us. You also may not require users to like your post to participate in the giveaway. This includes requiring users to like or subscribe your YouTube, however the only exception to this rule are users with the YouTube rank.

No Advertising
You may not advertise in any way while hosting a giveaway. This includes YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, etc. This includes linking users to external sources to participate in the giveaway or receive more (optional or not) information on the giveaway. The only exception to this rule are users with the YouTube rank.

Spam Giveaway
Being generous is by no means looked down upon, however, spamming posts are. Do not constantly spam giveaways, or have multiple giveaways at one time. Doing so will result in having your thread deleted.

Set an end date!
We like to keep the giveaway section of the forums clean. Putting an end date on your giveaway helps the staff better organize the forums. It's also important to let it be known when your giveaway is finished. Either by editing the thread OP or posting a reply in the thread.

Inactive Giveaway
If your giveaway become inactive for seven days, it will be marked as inactive, and will also be closed.  

If your giveaway does not comply with the giveaway rules, you will receive a verbal warning from staff. If the giveaway isn't changed after that, you may get a warning and your giveaway will be closed. If you have any questions about giveaways, be sure to ask a member of the staff before posting.​

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