Its_Paradox_Alt 19 April 2024 07:45 81
Oyuncu - Its_Paradox_Alt Tribute
1 month(s) ago

I would love it if this server could go two weeks without going offline without warning. I understand that running a server as complex and large as this is a difficult task. I definitely understand that taking the server down for maintenance of even.. shall I say it- rollbacks (ughh), is completely necessary, as I once ran a small server myself. However, if this server randomly shuts down for hours multiple times a week, someone with a set building schedule or ambition plans on the server, honestly for anyone who regularly spends time on the server, the effects are incredibly frustrating. I personally have missed a total of approximately eleven hours for a building project that is taking FAR TOO LONG to finish. Now, you might read this and think, “He's just complaining. He's being polite about this, but he's still just complaining.”. You're half right if you follow this train of thought. This is a bit more than a complaint, though. is unarguably the BEST EaglercraftX 1.8 server, almost seamlessly incorporating 1.16 elements into survival, capable of containing nearly a thousand players, and having a well laid out rules system and admin network. Surely they can SCHEDULE a few days offline to look into the recurring issues the server is having and fix them, so that we can expect the server to only be offline when perhaps, a thunderstorm occurs in Texas. Thanks for reading this, and I cannot wait for the server to get back online. 

Still in full support of the server,


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