Server Maintenance - 2024/4/20
Badministrator 20 April 2024 14:40 355
1 month(s) ago

Our team is planning to migrate our servers location from Houston, TX -> New York City. 

This will greatly improve ping across the board for users on the East Coast and should not have a massive impact on the ping of users in other areas of the US as this location has more interconnections to datacenters throughout the USA. 

Part of the reason we are moving is that it is very technically challenging to run high-density work loads at low temperatures without watercooling. Unfortunately, our current host does not allow this, so we will be making a move and staying there for the next couple of months (or maybe forever?)

This move also means that server performance is greatly improved as we will no longer be using the Ryzen 9 7950X, but instead the Intel 14900k which is currently the best performing single thread CPU on the market.

As of 2:40PM CST, I have taken the server offline.

Oyuncu - talan1234 Tribute
1 month(s) ago

mr Badmin what is the command to give people mail in creative? bye and thanks have a awesome day!:D

Oyuncu - RESENT_TNESER Tribute
1 month(s) ago

/msg Name Message

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