Land Glitch
Peanutbutter 25 April 2024 15:57 54
Oyuncu - Peanutbutter Tribute
1 month(s) ago

So…. I've had my land for quite some time and nothing was wrong. After the new update and what not my land has started acting kinda weird. I let people come to my land and they started looking in chest and opening doors even tho I have my untrusted flag set to them not being able to open doors, chest, attack, etc. So I did /view and it said that I was in the wilderness even tho I was in my base, so I basically had no control over what happened. I deleted my land and tried making a new one. At first it seems like it works and all, but then once you log off and log back on and do /view your land will say that ur in the wilderness and basically ur land is gone.


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