I know the people who duped badmin
That_one_Kid 26 April 2024 18:31 61
Oyuncu - That_one_Kid Tribute
1 month(s) ago

Badmin I can show you how they duped but they never told me I have to ask them and you can patch it I told Boblol I sold their duped netherite and Boblol didn't do anything selling duped netherite isn't perm bannable Zarif banned him for a month and he saw him duping.  Theycallmeaspen misunderstood what I said because I never said I duped netherite and you need to patch the glitch I can show you how they duped so you can patch it if I can get unbanned.

Also, Zarif had proof they duped and he banned flarreddata56 for 1 month, Theycallmeaspen didn't see me physically dupe she can't ban someone if they don't have enough evidence.

EDIT from Aspen bc comments aren't working: 

if you want to appeal this make a ban appeal. quit putting it in the forums and actually do the correct thing

Oyuncu - theycallmeaspen Moderator
3 week(s) ago

wait are comments working now?


ok literally make a freaking ban appeal, not that hard to do it in the right place

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