Too young?…
Breadkat2023 28 May 2024 17:53 46
Oyuncu - Breadkat2023 Majestic
3 week(s) ago

Bro I applied for staff and they said I was too young even though im litterly 14 and they said that once your 14 you can apply and you would have a better chance of getting chosen

Oyuncu - Mateus Tribute
3 week(s) ago

bruh, the system is broken.

Oyuncu - theycallmeaspen Moderator
3 week(s) ago

A., it was changed to 16.

B., on your application which you posted in the forum you put your age as 13. people commented (I believe it was Krunch?) telling you that the age minimum was 14. You said “oh” and changed the age.

Long story short, you probably didn't get chosen because you're a liar.

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