Meet Megasurvival: Our biggest project yet
Oyuncu - Badministrator

For the past 5 months, our network has seen exponential growth that has been both a blessing and a curse for us. To be quite frank, we never thought we would see more than 300 players online at once, and now we are seeing up to 3 times that amount. Since our release back in December, the Survival server has been plagued with a number of issues (namely performance), and almost none of them have been fixable due to poor design choices made during its development. Since then, we have been unable to keep up with the demand and tried to mitigate this by adding a queue and creating Lifesteal as a temporary getaway for players who were unable to play on Survival.

Fast forward to May, and we are seeing record-low performance across the entire network due to a large surge of players recently discovering Eaglercraft. To put it lightly, the past 2 months have been a nightmare for us and I have been treating Survival as the neglected child (even though it is our biggest gamemode) because it simply seemed unfixable.

To address all of the problems with Survival, we are developing Megasurvival: our most expensive and ambitious project yet. This is going to be our purpose-built MMO designed to handle all of the demand, while being completely stable and keeping gameplay smooth for all. Starting this project is giving us another chance to redeem ourselves by working on a clean slate and building from the ground up on completely custom code and dedicated hardware.

While we are still making a lot of decisions at this time, our plan is that it will focus more on competitive PvP and players teaming up. With this, the economy is going to be drastically changed in order to make it richer and less inflated, by replacing the server shops with player-driven markets and making the economy rely more on grinding and trade.

There is so much more that we have in store, but to save the hype we are going to share nuggets of progress as we move closer to finishing this project. This gamemode, along many others, is being developed as part of our major network expansion project which you can read about here. We recommend you join our Discord server to keep track of our progress through all of this. Have fun out there and Rule Your Own Game.

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1 week(s) ago
this is gonna be fire
2 week(s) ago
ArchMC greatest server of all time
2 week(s) ago
2 week(s) ago
Looks Awesome! Cant wait to play this.
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