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After an excruciating 33 days, we have finally freed ourselves from a not-so-reliable host. We are proud to announce that we have moved back into Houston with our own in-house hardware, and have built a 2nd Ryzen server. Ever since we moved to New York back in April, we had no idea what we were signing ourselves up for as we were hoping that the provider we chose wouldn't cut corners, only to unfortunately discover the exact opposite. Now that all of that is in the past, we can focus on the present. This move also gave us the opportunity to move the server onto the Cloudflare network, connecting all players to their 320 global servers, giving everyone a chance to have the lowest ping possible. Now that we have all the hosting issues out of the way, we can finally get to work on our special plans for this summer. Stay tuned for more updates over the summer inside of our Discord server and Rule Your Own Game.

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this is gonna be so hype
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